Monday, March 23, 2009

My studio layout

Recent posts on the Quiltart list have discussed studios, and I've seen some beautiful work spaces. Here is how my "Hideaway" is laid out. It is in one half of a 40x80 metal building, the other end occupied by cars, mowers, more storage, and a more masculine workshop (which doesn't keep me out of there, however).

I'm not saying this is ideal or the most efficient, but I absolutely love working here. I had not planned to spread out and fill the whole area, but since it is available, I followed the rule about stuff growing to fill available space, and therefore expanded from wall to wall.

The colors depicted here approximate the actual colors in the room. The high, white ceiling has four very large skylights so that the room always feels well-lighted during the day. The interior walls are brick red, hung with a bunch of finished quilts, and the painted green concrete floor is splattered Jackson Pollock style, and stamped with leaf shapes.

You can see that my ironing table is across the room from where I sew, calculated to force me to keep the blood circulating in my legs. When I have a lot of little seams to press as I go, I use a little Clover iron by the side of the sewing machine.

Here is a shot of the Hideaway when I had it rearranged for a church potluck.


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