Friday, March 27, 2009

Tumbling Block Munget*

I finished the tumbling block quilt this afternoon. It's been in the procure-fabrics process for a couple of years, and in the put-together-while-I'm-making-other-quilts process for nine months. I used the strip method for piecing, and backed it with minky. I know, scandalous -- synthetic fiber backing natural cotton. It's supposed to be cozy, and it is. The red minky is not as fluorescent as it appears in the photo.

I was surprised when I started quilting it that not all the fabric was black and white as I had thought -- after all, I'd gotten them off the black-and-white shelves at the quilt shop, so I just assumed. Wrong! One print was navy and white, and another brown and white. Never noticed until I saw it under my sewing machine light. All I can do is just look and smile at the mistake.

*Munget = recipient's name for blanket when she was a baby.

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