Thursday, April 16, 2009

Bunnies in the garden

These are the kind of bunnies I like to find gathering amongst the chard. The tallest bunny measures two feet. Now, of course, I have so much chard that the hopping-around kinds of bunnies can have all they want. Their nature, however, is to eat brand-new sprouts and ignore the big leaves, so now that the chard has actually survived past early childhood, a fence is no longer needed.

You will note these bunnies have interesting eyes. This is by design, not because I don't have tons of buttons that are the same size. They're heading off in the mail shortly. The next one has a zipper in his back; the next after that will be leather; and the next after that will be a full-blown backpack. Daughter who is anti-furniture may have to get a crib to put them all in.

Must sew (that's right, sew, not sow) some carrots to feed all these bunnies.


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