Friday, May 8, 2009

Gingko Go Round 1

I had so much fun making my fleece-backed quilt last fall that I decided to repeat the performance.

My idea is to make a light-weight lap quilt with no batting, and no quilting required after it's put together -- though certainly some could be added for detail interest.

This quilt will be foundation pieced directly onto fleece. On my previous quilt made this way, the fleece stretched a lot in the making, and I was using cross-grain-cut strips, so it was hard to determine whether I was keeping it square. Even though the fleece was a plaid design, the print was not completely straight on the weave, so things went a wee bit wonky.

This time I applied fusible quilters' grid to plain dark green fleece (see photo) to use for squaring-up purposes, in addition to preventing some of the stretching. This is a 2-inch grid; a smaller grid would be easier, I think.

The inspiration for this quilt design was Roberta Horton's Brick Brack Medallion quilt done with Kaffe Fassett fabrics. What appealed to me in that design were the striped rounds. This time I used fewer stripes than previously; I would have done more if I'd had the fabric on hand.

Earlier this week I purchased 7 fat quarters from G Street Fabrics in Centreville, Virginia. These are 21x21 squares instead of the usual 18x21, something I didn't know until I opened them up and saw the beautiful size. I wish all fat quarters were cut this generously. It's certainly worth going out of one's way to purchase your fat quarters there.

My favorite fabric of the bunch was a gingko print, hence the name of the quilt.

Because I used fat quarters for everyting but the stripes, I had to piece my strips, probably something a purist would never do, but no one has ever accused me of being a quilting purist. I spent a good hour figuring out how many inches I would need for each round, and how wide I could cut the strips from the one fat quarter I had of each print. Then, once I discovered the fat quarters were more than 18" long, I refigured everything. It was time well spent.
More next time.

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