Friday, May 8, 2009

Gingko Go Round 4

After a busy day of exercise in the pool, chauffeuring, shopping in an unfamiliar store (always a challenge), in late afternoon I answered the Call of the Quilt and returned to my almost-finished project.

In this photo you can see the stitching lines on the back of the fleece and the applied binding. Wild, isn't it?

The binding: Two inch strip, pressed in half, sewn to the BACK (approx. 1/4" seam), fold brought around in front so that it barely overlapped the line just sewn , finished with a decorative stitch (in this case, narrow herringbone). My stitching lines on bindings are never 100% straight, but with a decorative stitch, it's not obvious. None of it was done by hand, but even at that, it took nearly two hours, including all the steps: measuring and cutting the strip, pressing, stitching, and sewing area clean-up.

The birthday girl doesn't yet know it is hers, but she may have suspicions.

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