Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Quilt = altered fabric

A few people in my life - OK, men - can't understand why I buy a perfectly good piece of fabric, cut it into all kinds of pieces, stitch it back together, fuse it, paint it, sew on buttons, beads, sticks and rocks, and am as happy with the process as with the end results.

A lot of other people in my life - OK, just about everyone - can't understand why something that is not made to be put on a bed can be called a quilt. That's why I decided that Altered Fabric is a good term, at least for me, whether it is, after all, a bed quilt (I make those, too), or something meant to hang on a wall or a person's shoulders, or be propped on a chair or against a door.

Since I am in the midst of travel at the moment, this blog will be slightly stagnant until I have a chance to do a bit of blog altering, probably once I return home.


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