Saturday, June 6, 2009

Beverly's BOM

This is Beverly's BOM, hanging on my design wall. I am in the process of enlarging the wall, since this 4x8 piece of rigid insulation (looks like beanbag chair pellets all squished together; works fine, since I don't iron on it) covered by fleece isn't wide enough.

After finishing with my three-day dye session (to be finished when I locate the three extra yards of ready-to-dye fabric I have somewhere), I got to work on the block-of-the-month (BOM) quilt I started early 2008. Beverly Fabrics in Fair Oaks produced a sandwich baggy of batik pieces each month, along with a pattern, and for the most part I was able to cut and sew the block as soon as I got it. I would never save this kind of work for an all-day-put-the-blocks-together project, because as much as I like the blocks, doing them is tedious. I think what I dislike most is trimming between sewing steps. In spite of that, I would have done their BOM this year, except I didn't sign up soon enough.

Around each 12" block I sewed a 1/4" batik border, then a 2.5" shaded mitered border. My original plan was to place these pieces on point, separated by plain blocks, but when I saw the 3D effect would be lost, I changed my mind. I now need to decide about the border, which will make it a full-size bed quilt, my first bed quilt in awhile.

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