Friday, June 19, 2009

Scrap usage

I have multiple boxes of fabric strips, much of it from borders, bindings, and sashings that I cut too much of - or decided to go in a different direction once I saw how they looked on a particular project. With all those strips, I decided to make a string quilt. A good, mindless thing to do while pondering my next project.

The blocks above are 12.5" square (a block comprised of two back-to-back triangles, all strings parallel). I originally started out sewing strips together and then cutting out the blocks, but felt there was too much waste, so now am foundation piecing on quilter's grid, a triangle at a time. The foundation helps stabilize the strips that are cut cross grain and on the diagonal.

Back in 1975, I made my first quilt, a string quilt from our discarded clothing (ah, the memories!). I well remember how tedious the cutting was - back before rotary cutters - and wondering how it could hold together with 1/4" seams. It turns out that it didn't hold together that well, but I shouldn't complain. It got heavy usage for a dozen years, and if some seams of the gauzier material fell apart, who's to be surprised? I've looked all through my photos from those years and can't find a one that includes a picture of that string quilt.

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