Thursday, July 16, 2009

Fabric painting - resists & found object stamping

There's an advantage to having a somewhat obsessive personality. If only I could be obsessive about the right things. Of course, the "right things" are in the eye of the beholder. Without a man around the house to say, for example, "What's to eat, honey?" -- I find myself spending hours of time in the Hideaway studio, successfully ignoring annoyances such as dust and spiders accumulating in the house during the week -- until I get to my cleaning day, Friday, and then it's catch-up time. But it's not Friday yet, and I can focus my tunnel vision on my projects. I have, however, returned to an old habit that had gone by the wayside for a bit. I am washing my dishes as soon as I use them instead of waiting for a dishwasher load of dishes to accumulate before thinking, "Hey, it's time to wash my dishes."

Fabric Arts Workshop explorations have filled some of my days.

Masking tape resist (left) - The blue painter's tape worked as a resist with medium-body paint (Textile Colors). After the paint dried and I pulled off the tape, I diluted the paint and colored the resisted areas.

Elmer's blue gel glue resist (top) - The glue was an excellent resist. Instead of using a toothbrush to get the gel off after soaking (I felt it would take too long), I laid the wet fabric on the counter top and scraped it (in the direction of the grain) with a spatula, soaked and scraped again. and followed withone of the micro-pot scrubbers (one of those plasticky kind, often green and adhered to a blue sponge). I don't believe ALL of the glue was removed due to a feeling of
stiffness in the white areas, but what's left, if any, shouldn't cause a problem. I should try to dye the resisted area. however, to see what happens.

Found object stamping - The shimmery quality of the metallic Lumiere paints I used for stamping makes the stamped areas much more visible than appears in this photo. I scrounged my work area for "found objects" and found bubble wrap, buttons, a hand-carved rubber stamp, and spool ends (I have hundreds of empty spools). Some of the spool ends, especially the white plastic Coats & Clark from a few years back, have an interesting design under the label. After stamping, I played around by painting the white fabric with thinned leftover Textile Color from the masking tape resist exercise. Not beautiful, but a learning experience, nonetheless.

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