Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Fabric painting - splash and puddle

Last night I continued with my explorations through Fabric Arts Workshop. I used Dynaflow transparent fabric paints.

Bubble-wrap printing (left): It turned out just like the book said. Woohoo! While wet, I wasn't sure if it would work, but once dry, you can see the circles.

Color pleating (center): Also fun. I used blue painter's tape to secure the edges before pleating the foil, and noticed that the paint seeped in under the tape, which I think is a good point to note for something, sometime. The fabric was VERY wet. I held it up and let the water drip out of the valleys for awhile, so that it would dry faster.

Dribble painting (right): I used TONS of paint from my tiny little eyedropper in order to get a line from one edge of the fabric to the other. In fact, there was so much paint on the fabric that the underside had a plasticky feel when I pulled it off my 12x12 tile. Originally there was quite a bit of white space between the colors, which I liked, but I tried a spritz of water, and whoosh, the white space disappeared. The tile retained an interesting pattern on it after I pulled off the fabric. The tile washed off easily. I think I'd wet the fabric first next time.

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