Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Fabric painting - sun print

Up until today, I'd always thought you had to buy special fabric and/or chemicals in order to do sun prints. It turns out you don't! I don't know why this works. I was amazed at how well it turned out, though I do have questions about the white spreading out from the edges of the leaves.

Looking at the bobbins, you can see the ghosting of the sun's shadow from when I first put out the wet fabric in the morning. I know you're supposed to set out your project when the sun is high in the sky, but I had to run to a dental appointment and just had to do it today. I think the ghosting of the bobbins is interesting. The top of the piece was oriented north, so the sun went from right to left over the fabric. It would have been dry long before the sun reached its zenith, with the hot, dry weather we experienced today. By the time I returned in late afternoon, the leaves, weighted down by rocks, had curled up into fetal position, scorched by the 101+ degree heat.

Can anyone tell me why the leaves have the fuzzed-out edges in places - and why in some places and not everywhere? Was the fabric too wet? Answers, in case you are unable to comment here (I don't know why the Blogger comment feature continues to give people problems) can be emailed to me at califgold at that good ol' gmail.com

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