Thursday, July 2, 2009

Journal quilt - June

Last month I joined, rather late (I hope to catch up), a group making "journal quilts." Each month in 2009 a different technique is defined as the challenge for that month.

June's challenge was decorative stitches. This year the month of June has meant SUNFLOWERS SUNFLOWERS SUNFLOWERS to me, with probably 100 acres planted to the immediate north, east, and west of me. It's been lovely. After wrestling interminably with my machine on the third sunflower, I discovered my threads had popped off the lifter arm thingy (too lazy to look up the real name), and once that was remedied, sewing went smoothly. I was able to use multiple threads, metallic threads, and coarse buttonhole threads with no problem on my machine.

The background is distressed silk, all embellishments are thread, with the addition of textile paint on the F. The edge is satin-stitched. The leaves were afterthoughts, and after thinking about them, I'd arrange them differently, but what's done is done.

Why an F? I am going to use these as a sign for my Friendship Garden quilt guild. Each month's quilt will include the following 3 elements:
  1. A needed letter as the starting point
  2. Seasonal event from my yard as inspiration
  3. Technique of the month
What is a journal quilt? It is a notebook-sized (8.5x11") art quilt that can veer far from the traditional. This is my first one. It's a nice break from the big pieces I usually do.

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