Thursday, July 9, 2009

Ode to a Stash

I am building a small fabric stash, but not without a degree of guilt, for how does one overcome an early indoctrination that goes something like, "Don't start something new until your current project is finished?" (I have no idea how to punctuate that ast sentence, but I don't think the question mark belongs inside the quotes -- but I have also been indoctrinated with the American punctuation "rule" that requires quotes to go outside of punctuation marks, no matter how illogical at times. Perhaps that punctuation rule is the Simple Rule for Dummies, such as the non-rule teachers drill into students heads in their elementary years, the one that goes, "Never start a sentence with the word And." I haven't yet absorbed a more sophisticated system into my internal logic). (And periods always go outside of parentheses, so I was taught).

Jane, a member of my quilting guild, the Guilty Quilty Girls Quilting Guild and Friendship Garden Stitch and Itch Club, gave me the above panel, and I added the gaudy strips around it. Had to use up some of my stash in order to make room for guilt-free purchase of more.

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