Friday, July 17, 2009

Ribbon netting

I've had a package of Super Solvy sitting around for several years, and am happy to finally use it.

I chose an interesting ribbon from my small ribbon/yarn collection and sewed the verticals with a narrow zigzag, slowly, and with much frustration. It was hard to keep things straight, and the Solvy would pucker as I sewed. I thought of pinning, started out pinning, and discarded pinning when the pins just got in the way and slowed my already aggravating progress.

The instructions called for a second layer of Solvy before adding the horizontals. I do not understand the logic of another layer, except perhaps it's because the Sulky company, already awash in fund$ due to their prices, wants you to use as much as possible. I chose not to add the second layer of Solvy, and sewed the horizontals with much more ease and enjoyment than the first layer. The first rows of ribbon gave the machine and the perpendicular pieces something on which to grip, and was probably easier to sew than if I had added the second layer. That's my theory, and I'm sticking to it. For now, anyway.

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Approachable Art said...

The piece turned out great, though. However, it sounds like one of those, "you couldn't PAY me to do it again," kinds of projects. LOL.