Sunday, August 23, 2009

Great Grandma's block, round 3

Round 3 consisted of Flying Geese blocks (triangle within a rectangle). This makes the quilt balanced again, and everyone can now relax.

Even though I am away from home, without quilting means, I do have my camera with me, and am able to post the most recent additions to my great grandmother's center (trip-around-the-world) block, a photo that I took just before leaving on my trip. The International Friendship Quilters' "Ostrich" quilt has only four more months (rounds) to go. I think I mentioned that it is called an Ostrich quilt because you are allowed (amazing that I would join in something so regimented) to sit out one round if you choose. The month you skip, you are an ostrich.

Great Grandmother's block wasn't exactly straight sided, and with each successive round, the lack of straight sides became more obvious. I couldn't trim the sides with the blocks I had on there (you can't cut off points of triangles, after all), so I decided to add the striped round, hoping to be able to unobtrusively trim the sides for round 4, the block design to be revealed to us on September 9.


Approachable Art said...

Well, I know little about traditional quilting but it looks lovely to me. :D

LynnDel said...
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LynnDel said...

I'm sure you know at least as much as I do, since I really don't care that much about quilting rules!