Friday, August 21, 2009

Traveling without fabric

I am going through withdrawal from busy-ness. Vacationing takes will power. No one seems to believe I can spend 6+ hours a day creating with fiber and enjoy it, but the answer is Yes, I can! Likewise, no one seems to believe I've spent that much time creating and not have made a single effort to sell anything. The answer again is, Yes. And I did!

That issue is soon to be remedied, the effort to sell part, that is. The family will soon be glutted with my gifts of quilts, and sis-in-law has proposed an online partnership. Definitely intriguing.

I shipped my last quilt to Grand Junction on Tuesday, arrived in Grand Junction myself after two fast hours in the air between Sac and Denver, then 1.5 slow hours going west again, to GJ, in a small plane that smelled suspiciously of failed urine neutrlization attempts. I mentioned this fact to my sister, and she said she has been on that plane and endured eau de vomit, so I guess I shouldn't complain.

The quilt will arrive in GJ sometime next week, having cost less to mail than to pack on United. I did not insure the quilt this time, because the man at the PO explained that to make a claim I would either have to have an appraisal, or receipts for the fabric -- impossible when you sew from a stash collected over a number of years, and especially in this case, where I sewed from a scrap box, not to mention the pieces I rescued from the wastebasket when a member of our Guilty Quilty Girls Quilting Guild and Friendship Garden Stitch and Itch Club discarded some cool blue scraps.

Yeah, currently separated from my fabric and busy-ness, spending more time with words and with prayer.

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