Thursday, September 10, 2009

Black widow

While I enjoy traveling, camping, visiting family and friends, it is so nice to be home again and back in the Hideaway, creating away with my always-present eight-legged companions. I wouldn't mourn much if most of them were gone, but was thankful for their presence yesterday when swarms of fruit flies erupted overnight from the piles of apples and grapes in the kitchen area. The spiders have been feasting on the flies, and are now probably in the process of multiplying almost as fast as do the fruit flies.

I recognize there is a small part of me that hasn't grown up yet, and that came to the fore a couple of weeks ago when we visited the bug museum near Colorado Springs. There I saw little bags of plastic bugs, and had a great idea.

"Do you have a bag of black widow spiders?" I asked, thinking of the worst of the denizens of my Hideaway, and of my quilting friends who are strangely paranoid about them.

"No," said the lady running the shop, who just happened to be the granddaughter of the founder and collector of most of the bugs in the Natural History Museum, "but I have this," and she drew out a black widow replica that is about six inches long from toe to toe.

"Good enough," I said, and bought it, planning to share it with my friends. heh heh

The quilting friends' arrivals last night were well spaced out, giving me opportunity to give them individual attention. Ahem.

Friend #1 was mildly surprised.

Friend #2 said, "Thank you for the spider."

Friend #3, whose introduction to the spider was when she found it on the seat of her chair, was startled, giving an indescribable vocalization that would be gratifying to the ear of any practical joker.

I know, I know. Time to grow up.

I wonder if I still have any friends.


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