Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A chairful day

Whilst moving my studio furniture, AKA stuff other people have gotten rid of, I came across several extra ugly chairs and decided to do something about them.

The first one is a very old wheeled office chair. The black nylon fiber covering the seat and back was in such a state that the chair was not inviting to sit in. I made a couple of quick tie-on denim slipcovers after appliqueing (fused and zigzagged with monofilament) beautiful fabric leaves from yardage Linda gave me from her extensive fabric stash.

The second two chairs are still in progress. Today was the wash-and-sand day. These chairs are incredibly sturdy, possibly due to the many coats of paint holding them together. In the various dings in the finish, you can see the evolution of color over the years from light to dark:
  1. Plain wood (pine? I don't know)
  2. White
  3. Pastel yellow
  4. Green (that icky institutional green)
  5. Dark brown
  6. Red
  7. Tan
  8. Black

I don't want to lose the history of this amazing amount of paint -- and in the most recent case, amazingly drippy paint job -- so I am going to add another paint layer over what's already there. They will be multicolored, though I am not exactly sure in what way, possibly crackled. The design will grow with the project and will somewhat depend on the colors I already have on hand.

My philosophy: I can't make a mistake with these chairs, so I will forge ahead with confidence.

Stay tuned for further developments.

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Approachable Art said...

Lynn, I can't wait to see what you do with these chairs!