Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Great Grandma's block, round 4

Round 4 of the International Friendship Quilters' "Round Robin" Ostrich Quilt was revealed on September 9, a churn dash block. I started out with green and gold blocks (cutting into my beautiful hand-dyed gold fabric was hard to do) and didn't like the brightness of it, so decided to make this round, and probably the next few rounds, more subdued, making the center square up to this point a colorful medallion in the middle of the rest of the quilt. You can see that the churn dash blocks on the far left are a reversed image of those on the right.

This quilt is different than anything I've made before, and since at this point I don't think I'll ever do anything like it again, I've decided I will enjoy the little bit of tedium (brain vacation) that comes from cutting, sewing, ironing, and trimming repetitively. While the colors are symmetrical, I decided to break away from the strictly traditional look by not making the block designs themselves symmetrical. It makes a person take a second look, which may or may not be a good thing.

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