Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Great Grandma's block, round 5

Two more rounds to go!

With each month's revelation by International Friendship Quilters of the block to be added to one's quilt (one-person round robin), I've jumped right into the project and finished in a day or two. No such success this time. Fruiting, jamming, and pie-ing intervened, and then the challenges of how to do this Friendship Star round slowed me down.

I really, really, really didn't want to do the 40 star blocks I eventually ended up constructing. Repetitive measuring and cutting is just too tedious for me, and I greatly admire anyone who can make an entire quilt with little carefully-measured and cut pieces. My first idea was to make the blocks bigger, but checking it out with Photoshop fiddling revealed that they would be out of proportion with what I had already done (the giant pink flying geese blocks notwithstanding).

I spent a lot of time calculating and measuring, then forgot that the long side could not be evenly divided for the blocks, and decided to take out a red star on each side and add black spacers near the yellow stars. I cut my very last piece of black hand-dyed fabric too narrow, so that idea was kaput. I set the project aside and scoured my stove top, then was inspired to add gray spacers on both sides of the red star (much better than my first idea). All of this involved so much sewing and ripping out that I began to wonder if the fabric would survive.

I'm not sure I like that there are two red stars on the ends and one red star on the sides, even though part of my intent with this quilt is to make it not quite mirror-image. The single red star looks better than two, and if I add gray spacers on both sides of a single red star on the ends, it would improve the situation, and not be too difficult to do (after all, I spent much time yesterday picking out stitching and fixing attempts I didn't like). However, I no longer have enough of the darker gray fabric I used for spacers on the sides, so would have to use lighter gray spacers (same color as red star background) for the ends than I used on the sides.

One friend said, "Why don't you just dye more fabric?" Because it likely wouldn't turn out the same, for one thing. That's what dye lots are all about, and since I dyed these fabrics with Color by Accident procedures, nothing is exactly precise, and therefore not precisely repeatable.

So, should I leave it as it is, or change the ends from two red stars to single red stars and matching light gray spacers? Decisions, decisions...

Off to make fiber art postcards.


Melinda Cornish said...

I love it!

LynnDel said...

Now I am to the point where I am not sure what colors to use next. I am stuck!