Wednesday, October 7, 2009


It was time to try making a hobo bag, so I did an online search and found this pattern from jcaroline creative. The directions are very detailed and easy to follow.

The background fabric was from my stash, and the fabrics were pieces from my explorations through Fabric Arts Workshop by Susan Stein. I had to set my machine's speed on Extremely Slow while doing the decorative stitches with metallic thread in order to keep the thread from being shredded in the needle, so doing the decorative stitches was the most time-consuming part of the purse construction.

As I was working, I thought, "Why does a purse have to have a front side and back side? I don't have time to look down and see if I'm letting the best side of my purse be visible to my adoring (ha) public," so both sides are decorated as front sides.

The interior is lined with print fabric and has a zipper pocket in addition to two plain pockets that I added (not part of the original pattern) to hold my cell phone and blue tooth. If I were to put my own twist on this pattern, I would make the purse wider, because it is too narrow (about two inches) to stand up on its own.

Embellishing fabrics above are dyed silk, and DyeNaFlow painted fabric using gel glue as a resist.

Fabric squares above have fused Angelina, foil, and metalic ribbon (sprayed with Krylon in the hope that it would somewhat protect the Angelina from getting pulled off too much in daily use); the other is a Paintstik rubbing.

The handle rings are curtain grommets. Will see if they hold up to doing purse duty.


FunkyC said...

So Cute! And what a novel use of your unique fabrics.

LynnDel said...

Thank you! Now will have to wait and see how long they last.

Melinda Cornish said...

I love this!!!!! what a great bag and I love both sides decorated too! You will like fiber art traders...It is fun and I look forward to seeing you there!