Monday, January 18, 2010

A wrestling match

This ambitious project of mine, the insulating quilt, "Books I Have Read," that I plan to hang on a track over the double doors in The Hideaway studio, was horrible to quilt. On the fun scale, quilting it ranked somewhere down near "root canal" and "leg cramps."

"Books I Have Read" is seven feet square (84x84), and backed with the Warm Window insulating layers, it is the heaviest and stiffest thing I have ever pushed through a sewing machine. I did only minimal quilting, long wavy horizontal lines varying from two to seven inches apart, but it still took me several days to quilt, because it was so exhausting.

I started out with the quilt rolled, but that meant I had to hoist the stiff roll up over my shoulder, while still fighting the tendency of the heavy folds to pull downward and refuse to move evenly through the sewing machine. I enlisted an extra chair to hold fabric on my side of the machine, in addition to the extra table behind the sewing machine. The roll was still difficult to manage, so when I could, I laid the fabric to the left of the machine flat, continued to fight gravity since my table was not big enough to hold it all, and was forced to stitch only a foot or so at a time before needing to stop and engage in battle with the quilt, forcing it to bend to my will. I was NOT going to let it win, and it didn't. I am the champion!

Now I need a liniment rub.

Next up (after binding): Research track systems at interior decorating and garage door supply houses. I want this thing to slide out, completely flat, to one side so that it will serve as a wall hanging during times of the year when I don't need insulation from heat or cold.

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