Tuesday, February 23, 2010

How not to change a light bulb

I thought I'd pop in here and write a short blurb on how not to change a sewing machine light bulb, but then I looked at the clock and realized it is past the time when my brain is at par - which was the problem when I changed the light bulb yesterday.  Never fear, everyone is alive.  Details next time maybe!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Since there are so many projects out there calling, calling, calling...  wanting me to try this, try that, I thought I'd add another to the list:  Felting.*  The above woolens came from the local thrift shop, photo taken after they came out of the drier.  I should have taken a picture before I felted them, but believe me, they are 1/2 to 1/3 their original size.  I am not mentioning the plaid blazer I thought was wool, but wasn't, and whose lint filled the washer drain and the drier lint catcher with its nasty shreddings and did not shrink or felt at all.

The two sweaters on the left were handknit and felted the best.  The remaining three woolen items were commercially made; the orange jacket (formerly salmon, don't know why the color changed) is the only woven item and felted the least.  I might run a couple of these through the process again.

Next affordable item on my wish list:  felting needles and some roving.

Plan:  Make handbags of the above.  I think the sleeves would make a number of cute little cell phone or camera bags.  The felt purse projects are now lined up in proper order behind a dozen or so others.  Strange thing, though, about my orderly plans.  Sometimes projects jump queue, and next thing you know, lovely chaos!

*To felt a wool item, wash with soap in hot water, and dry in hot drier.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Foundation for fabric postcards

A few days ago I posted the four snowmen fabric postcards I made for a swap. In looking through my cell phone gallery of photos just now, I noticed I had taken a shot of the background made of cut-up fabrics fused to Peltex.  Since this is a cell phone picture, the colors look dingier than they actually are. You can even see the shadow me holding up the camera to take the picture!

After this was all fused and quilted, I could barely bring myself to chop it up for postcards, but I ended up with enough for ten cards and a pile of inchies.

The theme for this piece was January/winter. Though winters in my part of California are the greenest time of year (grasses start turning gold in late spring), my memories of winters elsewhere are of icy blues, bare browns, and warm plaids, but always in our hearts we have the promise of spring and flowers.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Quilt - "Christmas Boxes"

Five-inch swapped squares form the centers of the blocks for "Christmas Boxes," the quilt I finished today - number three of four of my Works in Progress (WIPs).  Here is the back:

Just as I was beginning to think I was reaching the end of my WIPs, I realized there are two more in the works, and really another, if I can persuade myself to get out of the denial stage.

"Do not buy any more fabric until the WIPs are finished, do not buy any more fabric until the WIPs are finished, do not buy any more fabric until the WIPs are finished," I keep telling myself.  But it does no good; I succumbed to the alluring charms of eleven different plaids and stripes while at the Folsom Quilt Show earlier this week.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Fiber postcards - Snowmen


I participated in a winter-themed postcard swap.  My cards are like real little quilts, with fused surface fabrics, a thin layer of batting, quilting, Peltex to make it stiff, fabric backing, and the card is satin-stitched around the edges.  On these I also did free-motion stitching of the word "Winter" - going over it three times to make it visible.  I was surprised, in this swap, to receive in trade three cards that didn't involve padding or quilting, but I guess "fiber postcard" isn't, by definition, a "quilted postcard."

I wonder if there is a "quilted postcard" exchange anywhere out there...

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Quilt - "Softscape"

Yesterday I finished another of my scrappy Works In Progress.  I call it "Softscape," a term for the plant portion of a landscape.  I shouldn't say this quilt is completely finished, because I still need to weave in the ends of the quilting threads; for some reason I never mind doing that.  These fabrics were leftover from the Aster-go-round quickie quilt I made last June.  Naturally, I did not have quite enough scraps left over, so I had to buy more flower prints to complete this one, thereby defeating the purpose of "using up the stash."

So what to do?  All this floral fabric, and little inclination to do another flowery quilt.  The quilt backing saved me from having to add the florals to my dwindling storage space - I made the backing of big and little patches of floral fabric; the larger pieces are older fabric that was given to me from several sources. In addition, I made the binding out of five different fabrics.  I like the effect.


The first photo was taken at night, and the second in the daylight, that one a better representation of the actual colors in the quilt (and walls).

This quilt does not yet have a destination, but I am thinking, "back bedroom."

Next goal:  Sandwich and quilt Christmas quilt.  Starting today.