Thursday, February 11, 2010

Foundation for fabric postcards

A few days ago I posted the four snowmen fabric postcards I made for a swap. In looking through my cell phone gallery of photos just now, I noticed I had taken a shot of the background made of cut-up fabrics fused to Peltex.  Since this is a cell phone picture, the colors look dingier than they actually are. You can even see the shadow me holding up the camera to take the picture!

After this was all fused and quilted, I could barely bring myself to chop it up for postcards, but I ended up with enough for ten cards and a pile of inchies.

The theme for this piece was January/winter. Though winters in my part of California are the greenest time of year (grasses start turning gold in late spring), my memories of winters elsewhere are of icy blues, bare browns, and warm plaids, but always in our hearts we have the promise of spring and flowers.


Approachable Art said...

It looks like the winters I remember as a child, too. Very pretty. :D

Melinda Cornish said...

it is really beautiful! I can see why it was hard to cut it up....