Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Quilt - "Softscape"

Yesterday I finished another of my scrappy Works In Progress.  I call it "Softscape," a term for the plant portion of a landscape.  I shouldn't say this quilt is completely finished, because I still need to weave in the ends of the quilting threads; for some reason I never mind doing that.  These fabrics were leftover from the Aster-go-round quickie quilt I made last June.  Naturally, I did not have quite enough scraps left over, so I had to buy more flower prints to complete this one, thereby defeating the purpose of "using up the stash."

So what to do?  All this floral fabric, and little inclination to do another flowery quilt.  The quilt backing saved me from having to add the florals to my dwindling storage space - I made the backing of big and little patches of floral fabric; the larger pieces are older fabric that was given to me from several sources. In addition, I made the binding out of five different fabrics.  I like the effect.


The first photo was taken at night, and the second in the daylight, that one a better representation of the actual colors in the quilt (and walls).

This quilt does not yet have a destination, but I am thinking, "back bedroom."

Next goal:  Sandwich and quilt Christmas quilt.  Starting today.

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