Thursday, March 18, 2010


15" x 15"

You can see the threads still hanging (waiting for sore finger to heal before burying them), but I couldn't resist the urge to "show and tell."  I converted a photo (photographer: Allen Hrenyk, used by permission) to a paper-pieced pattern by using the free software, Quilt Assistant.  The aspect ratio was changed because I needed a square, but I'm sure I would like it better with the original aspect ratio.  The fabrics are my hand-dyed fabrics.  The photo was taken by a friend who gave me permission to use it as a basis for quilt design.

Quilt Assistant was difficult for me to get started with because the instructions are a bit sketchy, but now that I've used it once, I've got an urge to do another one right away!  I learned a lot, especially on seeing some of the problems in the above design that glare out at me.  One thing is that if a line looks a little off to you in the design, it'll look WAY off in the final quilt.  I thought I'd be able to easily adjust while sewing, but it turned out not to be so.

Timeline:  One afternoon designing on the computer, two days piecing (117 pieces; the program counts 'em for you), one afternoon taking out and replacing pieces I didn't like because of the colors I'd originally chosen, one evening quilting.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Silly face fabric postcard

I wanted to collect fabric postcards -- stiff little quilts that go through the mail like a postcard but require more postage - so I joined the Trading Fabric Post Cards Yahoo Group.

The first swap in the group that I signed up for is the Silly Face swap.  It's turned out to be a one-on-one swap, and this is the card I made for it.  Belatedly I remembered I should have made a duplicate for myself in order to add to my collection.  This little lady either has leafy eyes or leaves over her eyes, trying to get rid of eye wrinkles, probably.  Her hair is couched novelty yarn.  She will be going to Michigan tomorrow.  Hope she doesn't get too cold.

I'm looking forward to a larger swap, where I can send out a dozen or two and get that many back.

Painted cane

When I promised to paint flowers on Lillie's cane, I didn't know it was an aluminum cane.  That stymied me for about two months, but then I just went ahead and did it.  I scratched up the aluminum surface with steel wool, sprayed on black Krylon, painted flowers (acrylic paint mixed with a little gesso to make it more opaque) and sprayed on a couple coats of clear Krylon.  I know the paint will scratch off.  Perhaps I'll check into automotive paint next time. Suggestions welcome!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Great Grandma's block, pieced

The challenge was to use four colors in the last round, and I think I more than met the challenge!  I wanted to use little blocks the same size Great-grandma used in the center block 100 years ago.  The piecing has been done for a couple weeks, but finishing the quilt has been interrupted by a fabulous cruise to Mexico, and by unseasonable cold weather, making heating the Hideaway studio more expen$ive than I wanted to pay for at the time.

Though the photo above looks as if the quilt is in final form, I have not yet quilted it nor bound it.  Not bound, you ask?  It looks bound!  Yes, that's the magic of Photoshop.  I added a black line around the outside to see what it will look like when finished.

Now I have approximately sixty-three other ideas I want to try soon...