Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Projects in the works

Architectural photos, and I consider the Waterwheel in that category, translate well into textile art.  I am currently working on another piece from a photo of a Curved Staircase.  My challenge to myself is to branch out in my color choices, since I've noticed I lean towards greens, reds, and blues, and even in my black and white projects, I always have a touch of red.  My first branching out was the waterwheel -- turquoise and orange, and the staircase is mainly monochromatic yellow-green, with a touch of the complementary red-violet.  It is pieced and fused and needs finishing touches; I don't know what yet.  Photos soon.

Another project, in paper form so far, is inspired by this door photo, one I took in the Napa Valley near Bothe Park last year. 

At first I was leaning toward making it surreal with bright colors, but when I looked at the result on my computer, there again were my favorite greens, reds, and blues.  So now I'm thinking I might steer away from saturated colors and experiment with a range of browns and tans, not exactly like the photo, but more realistic than my rainbow ideas.

I don't know!  I don't know what I'm doing!  I'm lost and confused!  But I'm having fun pretending to be an artist, and that's what counts.

Another project in the works is from the photo of my Venerable Ancestors Napping, posted last August in my Mrs. Noodles blog.

The first step was to again use Quilt Assistant to translate the photo into lines.

 Pages printed and taped together.

Enhanced with a sharpie.

This one will be 24x24, and I'm going to try fiber mosaics.  Lots of little fabric pieces. Like the Pizza Factory, it'll be something like, I'll "toss em, they're awesome!"  Well, one can hope.  Again, this is all new stuff to me.  But since I've always told my students, you can't make a mistake in art, I will plunge ahead, and if I don't like it, I can doctor it, or laminate it and make it into something to wipe my feet on.  Oh no!  Can't do that!  That's Mom and Dad on there, after all...

I'm thinking I will attach this paper pattern under my translucent stabilizer, and the lines will show through so that I can work directly on top of the stabilizer without having to redraw lines on the stabilizer.  Those who have done this before probably wouldn't be as iffy about this as I am.

On another front, a friend wants to donate some quilt tops to the charities I work with, where we make quilts for homeless families and for children in the oncology ward at the hospital.  I am thrilled, because her quilts are so bright and cheery and are perfect for our projects.  I can't wait to show the ladies our new bonanza, as soon as they arrive.

What direction am I heading in my Altered Fabric life?  Maybe teaching, I think, once I get a little more experience and confidence.  All I need to do is advertise a project to teach, and see if anyone shows up.  Now I'm trying to figure out what project they'd like to do.  Members of the Guilty Quilty Girls Quilting Guild and Stitch & Itch Friendship Garden Club have a special "in" for participating in any upcoming classes.

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