Sunday, May 16, 2010

Strike the band

The charity quilts we make at the church are always a challenge, because we like to use the fabrics that are donated to us.  Sometimes it is difficult to find enough matching fabrics to make an entire quilt, but the challenge is part of what makes it fun!  My November 30 blog post detailed the whys and wherefores of the words I pieced for this quilt.

I usually use a colorful print fabric for the backing, but not being able to find anything that didn't clash, this one has a muslin backing - muslin with an "N," that is.  I have seen several amusing references to quilts having a "muslim" backing - and that I like to think is due to spell checkers and not quilter-writers.

This hilarious misunderstanding about the word "muslin" came out awhile ago on one of those TV Judge shows.  The plaintiff was having a custom dress made for a wedding, and complained that the "Egyptian" had not been made when she expected it.  "Egyptian?"  What on earth?  It turns out she, like many spell checkers, thought the word was "muslim," and by extension her brain turned it into "Egyptian."  Maybe she was thinking Egyptian cotton. (?)