Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Fabric postcards

This stack of postcards represents a portion of the cards I took to the post office yesterday for mailing. I goofed when putting on the stamps, forgetting that some went to Canada, some to Australia, and some to the United Kingdom, in addition to all those going to the USA. When I got to the counter at the PO, I laid out all the cards needing extra stamps, beyond the 64 cents already stuck on them (20 cents extra due to the non machinability of the cellophane envelopes), the postmaster immediately called an additional person to work the counter so that all the people lined up behind me wouldn't be ruining their lunch hour.

He happened to notice I had forgotten to write a note on one of them -- don't know why I didn't notice the big blank spot! -- so I will mail out the 29th in the swap today. In addition, I sent out a birthday fabric postcard to my mother, and am creating a Father's Day and friendship card today.

It's been an "fun and educational," as they say, but I don't know that I will do a big swap again. I put a lot of work into mine, and there are so many other projects I want to get into! I have enough of a collection now, I think.


ParisMaddy said...

Wow! you are industrious making so many postcards. I'm in a swap with just three and am laboring over the details. They are fun to make, though.

Do you put them in an envelope or not?

Melinda Cornish said...

I used to do these big postcard swaps...it is pretty time consuming but I love getting them in the mail too...kind of a trade off I guess.....