Friday, September 2, 2011

Summer quilting

Note: I updated this entry with new photos and commentary.

Lest anyone be under the impression that I am not creating because I haven't been posting, I hereby submit a collection of photos of my summer projects, all quilts for our church's Bags of Love project, made of donated fabrics.

Pink Cats

I started Pink Cats a year ago and showed it here. It disappeared during a major cleaning session. This baby quilt was made of blocks created by someone else. I sewed them together and added the borders. A helper at church tied it for me. During the time it was lost, it collected some dust that wouldn't shake out, so I had to wash it, and that accounts for its extra poofiness.

My quilting buddy, Linda Miller, put this youth-sized Dinosaurs quilt top together, and I quilted it with free-motion-quilting of the dinosaurs. Side note: A woman saw the quilting I had done on this quilt and told me she wanted to offer me as little as possible for any other quilt in my inventory, because she said I was an "accomplished quilter!" Nice to hear, since this was the first time I have ever done free motion outline quilting on anything bigger than a pot holder. I was glad to inform her (for the price she was considering) that I am not a professional and do not have an inventory. Now if she made it worth my time...

Floral Patchwork
Linda had already cut these Floral Patchwork blocks, so I put them together for a baby quilt.

Happy Flowers
There were a lot of scrappy leftovers from Floral Patchwork, so I made this crib-sized happy block quilt. There were still more pieces left afterwards, so I started working on another quilt. I will show the finished project in my next entry.

Jeannie's Quilt
Jeannie Flory is an expert quilter, producing lots of brightly colored quilts. She donated this full-size quilt top. I backed and quilted it.

Hot Checkers
A pile of four-patches were among Jeannie's donations, so I put them together for this youth-sized Hot Checkers quilt.


Anonymous said...

Very creative, VERY BUSY, very cleaver!!!! Are you ready to take on any new PROJECT'S ???nick

LynnDel said...

New projects? Haha. I always have a number of projects lined up, either to be done now or to suffer my well-practiced art of procrastination.

Anonymous said...

I liked the procrastination better than the completion!!