Thursday, February 9, 2012

Five-sided quilt-as-you-go

As I mentioned in my last post, I had so many scraps of floral fabric left over, I used them to make another quilt. I started out with a five-sided figure (didn't try to draw it exactly even), and sewed strips of fabric around it, log-cabin style. By the time the blocks reached a certain size, not as big as I wanted, all the strips I had left were too short, so I stripped them together and trimmed them to make the final round. You can see the final part of the process in the steps below: 1) the final round 2) the final round trimmed. I stood back and wondered how to put five-sided blocks together, and finally decided to 3) trim them square. These are about 10 or 12 inches square. I can't measure, because I no longer have the quilt.

3 steps of finishing the scrappy blocks

All the blocks
Now I had to decide how to put them together. I was not ready to quilt yet another big quilt, wrestling with it under my home sewing machine, so I decided to put it together, quilt-as-you-go style. I sandwiched each block, and free-motion quilted a big daisy on it. I started with a spiral in the center and let the needle take me where it would. Most of the daisies have five petals, but some have six, and one even ended up with seven. The back of the reversible quilt is made up of two alternating prints on black background, making it possible to have two entirely different looks.

Finished quilt
Quilt-as-you-go is a great way to make a quilt. I got a lot of practice with free-motion quilting, and putting the blocks together with the strips was simple, once I'd wrapped by brain around the process. I donated this quilt to a charity (Carmichael Seventh-day Adventist Church) that makes quilts for children in the cancer ward.

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