Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Stitch and Slash

In a weak moment, in the midst of all these UFOs, I signed up for an online quilting technique class at Craftsy.com, "Stitch and Slash," taught by Carol Ann Waugh. She is a fabulous teacher, and gives unbelievably fast feedback to anyone posting their projects and asking questions.

I watched all the video classes - and what is really great about Craftsy is that once you pay for the class, you have access to the videos forever. I paid for the class perhaps a month ago and finally got around to watching the videos last week. Last night I thought I'd try out the technique.

I'll say, right up front, that I am not at all pleased with my results -- but the fault is ALL MINE, my fabric choices, my cutting, my hurry to get it done. Other students in the class have posted stupendous projects. When I have time (famous last words), I will do more with this.

The problem started with my wanting to use ugly fabrics I had on hand. Must finish my UFOs, you know, before buying any new fabric. I didn't want to use any of the nice fondle-able fabrics in my stash that are reserved for future projects. 

I apologize that most of these photos are slightly out of focus. I was shooting them with my cell phone over my head so as to be high enough; couldn't see what I was doing.

My unwanted fabrics

Oops. Those items looking like a lower case b are supposed to be musical notes.
I meant for them to go the other way, but given my disppointing end results, I don't think it matters much.
Here the first leafy layer is partially cut away. After hacking away with my ancient seam ripper on the upper left motif, I CHEATED and used my scissors for the rest.
More of layer one cut away, and part of layer two in the upper left.

Layer two, the hearts, cut away, leaving a red outline around layer one fabrics. Layer three cut away inside the boxes, revealing the musical instruments in layer four. I top stitched over the original stitching with an orange/gold thread.

Oops. Too much of layer three cut away. Very busy.

I added layer five, scrounging through my fabrics for something that might coordinate color-wise.
I knew that there would be a lack-of-texture problem, given that I had used scissors instead of my dull seam ripper; I hadn't wanted to wait until the next day to buy a new one. So I ran my project through the washer and drier with my gardening jeans, got texture, and lots of shredded threads that I trimmed away. See below.

Washed and dried (for texture)
Not pretty, not cute, not artsy. But at least I got some practice with a new technique.

Notice the color change? The previous photos were taken at night under a florescent light, this one was taken this morning by natural light is a more accurate rendering of the true color of the fabrics. Truly an ugly result. 

Here is another person's project (I could not find her name or the URL for the original photo), much more inspiring:

Isn't this wonderful?


Sofiann Designs said...

Carol is an excellent teacher,too. I've watched it 3 times now and am doing my first S & S today, after having the course several days ago. I refer to it as I go, which
helps. Also, I realized the quality of fabric makes a
difference in the slashing. Go ugly, but not cheap!

aumi said...

Is it still possible to "enroll" for this course? I am getting very curious!
Aukje R. November 16th 2013