Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The UFO List

All of us quilters know what UFOs are -- that pile of Unfinished Quilts (UFQ has not caught on to replace the UFO designation) that are constantly nudging the back of our minds, bothering us considerably more than does any undusted windowsill.

My great-grandmother's 102-year-old block quilt was at the top of my list. Victory achieved last week.

Flannel quillows
My two quillows, barely started for my nephews more than two years ago--when they were small enough to fit the size I picked--were next. See above. The blue one is folded up into its quillow pocket, which I discovered is pretty tricky with flannel. Victory #2, achieved yesterday.

Next on the list is the mosaic quilt I pieced from the napping photo of Mom and Dad at least a year ago. All it needs is the block outlining free-motion stitching. I think it scares me, the possibility of ruining what I have done so far.

Fifth UFO: Use of leftover blocks from the flannel Log Cabin on the Lake gift quilt I made a few years ago. That one is now on the ping pong table, laid out for sandwiching in the batting. I pieced the backing in a way I've never done before. Will have to show it when I am finished.

Sixth UFO: Sandwich and quilt the February Fab Shop Hop Close to My Heart challenge quilt, my name for it: Friendship Grows.

Seventh UFO: The Puppy quilt, all pieced and ready for sandwiching, etc.

8th & 9th UFOs:  Beverly Fabric's Block of the Month quilts, neither of which I have posted about here. I see I have been remiss. 2010 is all ready for sandwiching, and the 2011 blocks are finished (I do them faithfully each month as they come in) and taking up space on my design wall.

10th UFO: One Block Wonder #2, all cut and in stacks of pinned triangles on my to-do shelf. The name One Block Wonder still bugs me. It should be called One Fabric Wonder; lots of quilts are made from one block and are wonderful!

Since UFOs #1 through #3 are now complete, they are no longer UFOs. That leaves seven for me to do. I really want to get them done before starting any new projects.

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