Sunday, December 20, 2015

Falling Stars

You may have noticed that I seldom post photos of my entire quilt laid out (or held up) flat any more. That's because I had one design "stolen" from me, adapted very slightly, and sold as a pattern online. I know that we all inspire each other, and  we often use someone else's idea as a stepping stone for our own new creations, but to take one, almost verbatim, and SELL it, well, that takes the cake. I'd rather make them work for it just a little. Smile.

This next one is a charity quilt, made from blocks donated to me for the purpose. I interspersed the gifted blocks with purple fabric I had on hand. It has embossed stars on it, which I learned are somewhat plasticky. The sewing machine got a little stuck on their stickiness, AND they melted when ironed! I don't know where I got that fabric, but it was also donated to me, and I donated my remnants to someone else after I warned them about its shortfalls.

We had a big garage sale in September, 2014, and between customers, I put these blocks out on the ping pong table in the garage and arranged them, preparatory to quilting. They turned out to be a real conversation piece. Quilting is a big thing in this locale. We are about 30 miles from Sisters, renowned for its annual outdoor quilt show in its quaint downtown area.

Falling Stars, in production

I used spray basting for this one, as I have for most of mine until I started doing QAYG. I didn't have any batting on hand that was unpacked, so I used a brand new twin mattress pad. I hadn't realized how thick a new mattress pad can be!  This is probably one very warm quilt. When doing the free-motion quilting, I alternated large stars and loops, free motion, down each row. It went pretty fast, but it probably didn't help my physical therapy issues any. I need to take a look at the ergonomics of my various sewing stations.

This quilt is the first of several recent quilts where the borders are pieced scraps that I had on hand. It saves buy more fabric, and it whittles down the stored scraps, but it is a lot of work. It took longer to cut and sew and trim those borders than it did to put the rest of the donated blocks together. I'm using a lot of my donated threads, too. I will need to make a pink quilt in order to use up my pink thread. Pink, hmm... Not my favorite color.

Falling Stars, complete
When Falling Stars was finished in the spring of this year, it was given to a lady who has a terminal diagnosis. She was thrilled with the quilt.

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