Sunday, December 20, 2015

The Gladys Quilt

I think I am finally nearing the end of posting all my finished quilts of the last couple years.

I love my new in-laws. I have been lucky both times around in that my in-laws have been sweet and caring. So many people aren't as blessed as I am! When we visit each other, we have a great time. I've been wanting to make a quilt for MIL (Mom-in-law), and when she and I were running around garage saling back in September, I noticed she was looking for a quilt for her guest room, a room I've been privileged to use a lot! She was looking for something with blue flowers, I noticed. I was glad that she wasn't successful, because now I knew exactly what she wanted.

It took me awhile to find the right fabric. I wanted large flowers, somewhat realistic, not cartoony. Kaffe Fassett had the right stuff.

Like her son, she said she didn't want it too busy, so I designed large blocks that would go together quickly. If you squint at it just right, the blocks look like a curling ribbon.

Gladys quilt
The finishing was done QAYG, strip-by-strip, adding an unquilted strip, front and back, to each finished quilted strip as I went. No skinny sashings, no folding over raw edges and pinning and hoping you actually caught the fold in your front stitching. As I quilted, I left an inch or two unquilted at the raw edge of each strip, so that after adding the new strip, I could blend in the new quilting stitches over the seam, and you can't tell at all that it is QAYG. I could quilt about two strips per day before needing to let my body do something different.

The Gladys quilt, finished
The Gladys quilt back
I used scrap fabric I had on hand for the back. The borders are leftovers from any blue quilt I'd made in recent years. Whew! Was that ever a lot of work! It took longer to put the back border together than it did all the rest of the quilt put together. So the end result is reversible: front for summer, back for winter.

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