Sunday, December 20, 2015

Goodbye to Woodland

I've decided to name this quilt "Goodbye to Woodland," because while making it I made the Big Move from single widowhood in Woodland to marital bliss in Oregon. The first photo does not show the true colors, probably due to the warm light florescents above it when I took the picture in Woodland. It was spread out on my ping pong table in my huge (40x40) Hideaway studio. A ping pong table, by the way, is a marvelous tool for quilters, providing you have the room. I don't have room for it here in Oregon and have been trying to find a home for it.

"Goodbye to Woodland" was the 2012 Block of the Month from Beverly's, and maybe my last ever BOM. I added the plain blocks so that it would be big enough to go on my queen size bed. The BOM blocks were all from a book about log cabin blocks, the name of which I will share once I get A Round Tuit. It remained in this unfinished condition for 18 months.

Goodbye to Woodland

My new husband was very interested in getting a new quilt for his (soon to be our) king sized bed, so that presented a border matching problem for me if I was going to enlarge this one. I began perusing quilt shops for fabric. Even at that, I knew it would be temporary, because the colors were not attractive to his color-blind eyes. He says they look rusty brown, or something like that, but he probably doesn't really know what rusty brown looks like. He can see and likes blue.

No longer owning a huge Hideaway Studio, I set my ping pong table up in our new garage and spray basted the top, batting, and back together. Then I started quilting it on my Janome. I did the quilting in the house, since my new studio is too cold in the winter to spend long stretches of time while running the ex$pen$ive wall heater. Instead of tedious rolling and unrolling, I bunched it and quilted one block at a time. My neck ached, and then my shoulders, and then my arms. My rotator cuff complained.

Goodbye to Woodland, being quilted

The above photo, by the way, is truest in color of these three shots. I could check my journal and see how long the quilting took, but I think it was about a week, or maybe two, a few hours a day. We had lots of other things going on, so I didn't do it every day. My favorite block of this quilt, by the way, is the one showing at the top. I wish I could find the directions for it, or the name for it, so I could make more without having to do any math, even though I profess not to be a traditional quilt-making enthusiast. I want to make one-of-a-kind original, artsy quilts, whether or not they would ever be used for warmth or bed decoration.

Goodbye to Woodland, in use
Buddy Dog thought I'd made the quilt just for him, I think. He was most appreciative. Every time I lay out a quilt for photographing, he tries it out.

Six weeks of physical therapy later, I decided that never again would I quilt an entire quilt on my machine. I know I don't want a long-arm, because I wouldn't use it enough to justify the expense, and I don't really want to spend tons sending my quilts out for someone else to do. Enter the Serious QAYG (quilt as you go) phase.

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