Saturday, December 19, 2015

Life Lessons

Our local Beverly's in Sacramento did a Block of the Month  (BOM) every year, and after several of them turned out to be batiks every time, I happened to mention, within hearing of the woman who chose the fabrics, that I was tired of batiks and wanted to try something else. So this time, 2011, she chose tiny prints. I guess you could call them reproduction fabrics. Some of the combinations I didn't like, so I replaced them with prints from my own stash.

It turned out that not too many quilters liked this particular BOM choice, so Beverly's went back to the tried-and-true batiks the following year.

I have a little rule I follow when it comes to BOMs: Make the block immediately after picking it up. Therefore, I have had these finished blocks sitting in my UFO bin since December 2011:

Life Lessons
I decided to call this one Life Lessons. I learned a lot while doing this quilt, which I started putting together last week.

At first I looked at the blocks and thought: How is this every going to turn out anything but ugly?
Then I looked at my fabric stash and thought: I need to buy fabric for sashing and borders.
Then I looked at our post-property-tax bank account and thought: I don't have money to buy extra fabric; I'll have to make do with my stash. So I did. That's a life lesson -- making do. Sweetie was pleased.

Having needed six weeks of physical therapy after quilting my last big quilt on my domestic Janome, I have decided I am not going to do that again. Since making these quilts overlapped, there is no way I could make these posts chronological. I did QAYG, quilt-as-you-go, row-by-row. I like this method better than quilting the blocks and then dealing with folding seam allowances on strips of fabric to attach the blocks, front and back. If anyone is interested enough to ask, I'll write a post about how I did it.

This is where I am now, put together and quilted, border to come (ignore the blue quilt underneath):

Life Lessons
I actually kind of like it now. It looks old and comfy, like something I might have pulled out of my great-grandma's trunk. My favorite block is the one in the upper right. The colors and prints in it just make my eyes happy. Sweetie likes this one, too, which surprises me, because he doesn't like "busy-ness," and with all the scrappiness of this quilt, I thought it would be too busy for him.

The backing is leftovers from a previous quilt, and the border will be little squares of scraps on hand. It will have a different color combo than the main part of the quilt. I am hoping it will look okay! More to come on this one. I hope to finish it by next week. Will share front and back photos when done.

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