Sunday, December 20, 2015

Oregon Ducks

Back in Woodland I had noticed I had a plethora of green scraps, so I started sewing them together in strips, simultaneously fusing them (stitch and flip) to triangles of fusible, planning on making another string quilt. The fusible would make it stiffer, which is good for a quilt destined to be a hanging or a picnic quilt.

Then, on moving to Oregon, I took note of the Oregon Ducks logo, and the loyalty of nearby residents, so I decided to make an Oregon Ducks quilt. My O isn't quite the right roundish shape. I wonder if that matters!

Putting this together was a quickie, once I decided what I wanted to do -- and I didn't need to spend a week piecing a border!

Oregon Ducks

Above are the triangular blocks on my design wall -- a couple of Walmart blankets stapled to tack board that is nailed to my studio wall. Those cheap blankets work better than any flannel or fleece I have tried for the purpose.

Oregon Ducks, back
QAYG: On the back you can see the quilting lines. For the first time I worked up enough courage to try just anything I felt like trying. I let the machine take me where it wanted. Each triangle has a different quilting design that I came up with on the fly. Each strip was quilted before I attached a new unquilted strip. The back is made of leftover fabrics that I wouldn't have used for anything else. I added the plaid patches just because I thought they would make a boring back interesting. After all, who wants a boring back? *snicker* I added a sleeve for hanging.

Oregon Ducks, complete
I was dismayed at the waviness of the edges, but it was a lesson learned; next time I will pull the binding a little tighter. I soaked the finished quilt in the washer, ran it through the dryer for a little while on very low, then finished drying by hanging it outside over the deck railing. The waviness disappeared. Hurrah!

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