Thursday, December 24, 2015


There's something about abandoned quilts-in-process than intrigues me. My good friend, Jane, bought this one at a garage sale, out of the kindness of her heart. She brought it to our Guilty Quilty Girls Quilting Guild and Friendship Garden Stitch and Itch guild, and we all agreed it was UGLEEE. The wide and unintentionally wavy sashing between the blocks was Pennzoil-yellow and varied by as much as two inches in width. Where they had run out of yellow, they used unbleached muslin. There were puckers everywhere. The block fabrics vary from very thin to very thick. The hand-sewn stitches are large and crooked.

Someone, at some unknown point in the past (probably many decades ago, considering the types of fabric) spent a lot of time hand sewing the blocks, with dreams of a beautiful, finished quilt, and then probably gave up when they saw the problems with it. I suspect that someone else, at a later time, added the ghastly yellow sashing, since that work was done with a machine. 

Once the garish yellow sashing was removed, the blocks looked better.

"Rescued" blocks
There had been 30 blocks, but one of them absolutely was not rescuable, so with 29 left, I've decided the completed quilt will use 24 of the blocks. It's interesting that the blocks visually spin in either direction; the fact that the upper right dark triangle is placed sometimes horizontally and sometimes vertically (and changes the orientation of the rest of the colors on the block) jumped out at me and makes my eyes go bonkers. I'll just have to ignore that. I think.

This will be the third abandoned quilt I have "rescued," and it's the most hopeless. A close look at most of the blocks reveal that I will lose most of the points. I will see what I can do, and will just have to live without points.

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