Saturday, December 19, 2015

The saga of Friendship Grows

I've shown the progress of the making of this quilt in a couple of previous posts. Click on the labels at the bottom to see its beginnings. A friend gave me the fabric scraps with the stipulation that it be a charity quilt. Most of my charity quilts have gone to children in the hospital and to law enforcement for comfort for children taken from their homes in scary circumstances.

At first I liked this quilt so much that I could hardly give it away, but I'd made a promise, so I kept to it. When I heard that my high school was looking for a quilt to auction for a fund raiser, I offered this one. It was auctioned off at the 2013 Reunion for $500. Then those who'd purchased it thought they could raise even more, so they took it to the Arizona Adventist Camp Meeting, and auctioned it off for $2,000! That's a lot for a little 42x42 quilt like this, but it went for a good cause.

The auction made such a splash that the next year everyone wanted to make a quilt to auction, and there were so many quilts that they didn't get nearly the proceeds that my one lonely quilt had gotten. I heard they were lucky to get $50.00 for a quilt. I count mine "lucky" i.e. blessed, to have brought in so much.

Friendship Grows

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