Sunday, December 20, 2015

Thunderbird blocks

I mentioned, before, the quilt I'd made that brought $2,000 at a benefit auction in 2013 inspired others in my high school to repeat the performance. In 2014 I was asked to join a group to make 12" quilt blocks that specifically represented our school. So many made promises and didn't come through that I ended up making three blocks. I can only find photos of two of them. I made them from fabric I had dyed myself.

The first is a silhouette of our water tower. The second is a depiction of our Center Campus (I cropped it crooked in photoshop, but it really is straight in real life), a circle with four benches around it where we often gathered to shoot the breeze. The third, not pictured, is a picture of a burning yellow candle on a purple background, with words something like, "In memory of our dear friends who have gone before." I don't remember the exact wording.

The total number of donated blocks was 12, and since there was no color theme, they didn't go together well, at least to my eyes (my colors were very strong and bold compared to the rest), but many said the result, made by a friend who collected the blocks, was beautiful. That donated quilt was lost for a year and when finally brought up for auction, had a dozen others to compete against, so it didn't bring as much as our class had hoped. The end result was wall hanging size.

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