Saturday, December 19, 2015

Visalia Star

I saw a quilt that had this intriguing star on it, couldn't find a pattern, so I drew it up myself, only later learning that it is called Hunter's Star. I am calling it Visalia Star, because the dear person who donated the fabric to me is from there. We decided it would also be a charity quilt, so it has gone to the children's Oncology unit at the Mercy Hospital in Sacramento.

Below is the finished layout of the top. I think it might be crib-sized, but works for a lap quilt. This was done in February, 2013, before going on trips to Missouri, Iowa, Arizona, Oregon, Colorado, etc., during the rest of the year, eventually ended up with my meeting my sweetie in the fall of the year.

Visalia Star layout

By November, 2013, the quilt was finished. I actually did some more demanding quilting -- my first all-over meander (woohoo!) -- than my usual wavy or straight lines. I like the look.

Visalia Star, finished

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